My Portfolio and (not) so personal blog Welcome to my portfolio and blogs. It's a place for geek stuffs and eMarketing as well photography.

What People Saying

2 July 2011:

When you’re hiring an employee. Don’t think of it as giving money away. Think of it as buying time for yourself. (Robert Kiyosaki’s tweet)

One trait of a good partner is a person who cares about more than money. Find a person who is a giver, whether it be money, time or wisdom. (Robert Kiyosaki’s tweet)

16 June 2011:

Aaron (4 yo): Daddy, what internet looks like?
Tech Dad: ?!?!?

8 May 2011:

Aaron (4 yo): Jumbo
Arki (6 yo) : Dumbo ?!?!
Aaron: No … Jumbo. It’s a big elephant, Arki!!!
Arki: Dimbo ?!?!
Aaron: No … Jumbo!!! [starting to angry]. Look up in Google!!!
Tech Dad:

20 April 2011:

“Programmers are in a race with the Universe to create bigger and better idiot-proof programs, while the Universe is trying to create bigger and better idiots. So far the Universe is winning.” (Bipro – a friend)

17 April 2011:

Aaron (4 years old): “Daddy … the computer is broken. I can’t click it!!!”
Tech Dad: “Would you mind to ask your brother please?”
Aaron: “No, I want you … Daddy!!!”
Tech Dad: [silent … no respond … hoping that he can work it out by himself]
Aaron: “Never mind Daddy. I’ve just fixed!”
Tech Dad: “Good boy … Aaron.”
Aaron: “Yay! I’ve fixed”


Bloggie start from fresh

Centralising my blog is something that I really want to make it real this year. I had blogs before but then didn’t realise delete the site and I only recovered somes.

I’m blogging mainly about the technology and eMarketing and recently I went to photography topic as well just for fun. The idea is to share what I found or what I’ve been experienced so you don’t have to reinventing the wheel.

Here are some of my new blogs about the photography:

Other technology geek and marketing blogs are coming soon. I need to recover that first 🙁


Interesting Softwares

Auslogic BootSpeed
Microsoft Expression 2
AVS Video Tools 5.6
SnagIt 8
Skype 4.2
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007
CyberLink PowerDVD