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Guy Kawasaki shared his “The Art of the Start” insight for entrepreneurship startup

Guy Kawasaki shared his “The Art of the Start” insight @ TiECon 2006 for entrepreneurship startup

1. Make meaning

Increase the quality of life
Right a wrong
Prevent the end of something good

2. Make mantra (for the founder/employeer)

3. Get going

Think different
Polorise people
Find a few soul mates

4. Define a business model

Be specific (question how to get money from her purse)
Keep it simple.
Ask about to man to business model

5. Weave a MAT (milestone, assumptions and task)

Milestone > “Finish design”
Assumptions > “Sales calls/day”
Task > “Rent an office”

6. Niche thyself

Ability to provide     unique product     or service (Y axis)
Value to customer (X Axis)

Lower right: Price
Upper left: Stupid
Lower left: Dotcom
Upper right: X (need to be here)

7. Follow the 10/20/30 rule

10 slides : Title, Problem, Solution, Business Model, Underlying Magic Marketing and sales, Competition, Team, Projectins, and Status and Timeline
20 minutes presentation
30 points font Core on point

8.  Hire infected people

Ignore the irrelevant
Hire better than yourself
Apply the shoppping center test

9. Lower the barrier to adoption

Flatten the learning curve
Don’t ask people to do something that you wouldn’t
Embrace your evangelist

10. Seed the clouds

Let a hundred flowers blossoms
Enable test drives
Find the influencers

11. Don’t let the boozos grind you down


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