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Bangalley Head: Sunrise Photo Hunting




Bangalley Head is located at 1 hour drive from Sydney CBD toward Palm Beach. I am with 3 hunters and it’s the first time for me to have a photo hunting. This is also my first time exploring sunrise photo outdoor. We went to there around 5.30 in the morning and it was still dark. To get to this spot, we have to go down from to top of the cliff and it’s about 15-20 metres high!!!


The highlights:

  • First time producing the water looks like “clouds”
  • Sunrise photos
  • Now I realise that rock fishing is dangerous cause it’s so slippery and cut my finger hand and my other mates cut his finger feet. 🙁

Settings that I use while I am taking these photos:

  • AV mode
  • Exposure Comp/AEB setting: -1
  • ISO: 100
  • Aperture: F16.0
  • Drive mode: Self-timer – 2sec

What I’ve learned:

  • Wearing hiking shoes is a must but keep a sandal just in case if it gets wet
  • Proper backpack bag with tripod stripe
  • Need a lens hood
  • Need to have special filter
  • Bring a small torch
  • Need a first aid in the car

Special thanks to @Andy.Surjanto introducing this place as well as some new techniques which you never learn this if you just read the thick manual. 🙂

I am welcoming your photo comment or critique as always 🙂


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